From the recording Peace n Love

Peace n love is a suggestive song that aims to capture the attention of audient and promote the practice and the spread of love so that we can make the most of our life’s, as well as being rewarded by receiving more love from the ones we love, through being warmer n kinder towards one another to avoid conflicts and unite towards ending wars globally.


Oh, naah naah naah… oh, naah naah yeh.
So strong for so long so strong for so long.
Without peace n love this world will cease.
We can never find everlasting peace.
If we seek harmony, we discover love n peace our joy increase.
Peace n love Is the heart and soul of happiness.
Spiritually mentally permanently eternally.
Gather hope to make the world better to mankind.
The wrong weakens the strong that’s why.
The wrong shall fail n the write will prevail.
Peace n love is Gods will to mankind.
Keep this in your mind seek n you will find.
We find strength in unity in the village in da country in da big city.
When wars n conflicts totally cease.
To one n all there shall be peace. Do away with vanity open doors to simplicity.
Peace n love is truly sublime teach the angry soul how to be kind.
Make peace n love glow be kind to one n all n happiness shall show.
To love the ones who love you evermore so much more.
Love the ones who love you evermore so much more.
Show kindness to your brotherman so peace n love can prosper n hate n war will end.
Be warmer n kinder an everlasting reminder to carry on carry on we must carry on.
To keep on living strong n do no wrong got to carry on carry on carry on.
Towards unity without vanity to live stronger for much longer n gather hope to mankind.
N leave vanity and bitterness behind fill your heart n soul with peace n love n harmony.
To help mankind clear their mind carry on carry on carry on we got to carry on carry on carry on.
On n on n on n on n on.