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mr liar will be released on 20/01/2024 in all music streaming and downloading platforms. pre orders will be available

This is an upbeat song with  good vibes. In other words a groovy tune, soulful with a spicy riddim. The single  is an  introduction to the EP named UNITE STAND RIGHT, to be released in late March 2024

Introducing the cover art for the next 7 track ep in the making to be release in march 2024

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This EP packs a delicious variety of reggae music styles and riddims to suite every kind of mood 

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'TENDE KASHA has the knack for finessing a sing-song vocal elucution into hardened lyrical output - the essence of great reggae - and 'Poetic Justice' memorializes that talent forever.'”



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Great vibes on this reggae track with a very timely message. "Without peace and love, this world will cease". Such true words. The well-arranged track has a slightly lengthy running time for radio, though it's message and sound is on point for both mainstream daytime & late night niche/specialist shows. Its well written with clear vocals. Quality stuff from the UK. I'm looking forward to hearing more. ”





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Artist Tende Kasha AKA Tendekasha De Feat, is emerging as one of the best reggae musicians of contemporary times. His soundscape is not just a progression of musical and rhythmic patterns but also pays homage to his African heritage. The singer, assimilates vocals, lyrics, rhythms, and positive messages through his music that makes him all the more lovable to the audience. His music is inspired by the African and Jamaican cultures extracting the essence of contemporary life into his own tunes. Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Don Carlos, Gregory Isaacs, U Roy, Mighty Diamonds, Midnite Band, Israel Vibrations, Culture are some of his biggest influencers leading to creating new roots reggae music with an identity of its own. The independent London reggae artist Tende Kasha writes about world poverty, social and economic struggles, anti-racism, cultural harmony, and love in his truthful music. Some of the songs that are part of his exclusive soundscape are ‘SHINNING STAR’ and ‘PEACE N LOVE’. He established himself as one of the most profound independent reggae artists of modern times with his 2017 debut record, INNER TUNE. Artist Tende Kasha is originally from Angola and was born, Francisco Dos Santos in Luanda, Angola, and is currently based in London. He took to music instinctively from an early age and through his exposure to the darkness of life, he imbibed a creative streak that would later become his identity. He is also the 2021 recipient of the Akademia Award for his song ‘POETIC JUSTICE. His song ‘SHINNING STAR’ is a peek into what to expect from his upcoming EP titled ‘UNITE STAND RIGHT’ slated for release in March 2024. I his currently working on the new single called Mr Liar, to be released on 20/01/2024. Follow him for more on SoundCloud, Facebook, Spotify, Reverbnation, Instagram, X, YouTube, LinkedIn. Listen to the tracks of Tende Kasha, visit the given below link:” - The Magazine Plus

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